Spa 100 Instructions

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Instructions Suggested usage, once a week.

1. Use the measurements provided in the box.

2. Measure 75ml of Bas1 and pour it into the mixing container.

3. Measure 75ml of A1 and pour it into the mixing container together with Bas1. The SPA100 Chlorine dioxide solution has now been activated and will turn yellow.

4. Put the lid on the mixing container and shake gently.

5. Slightly loosen the lid to release any gas. Wait 5-10 minutes.

6. Pour the finished SPA 100 Chlorine dioxide solution into the bath water. Note that the water will turn yellow. 7. Wait about 1 hour for cleaning and disinfection. (This process is finished when the yellow colour has disappeared.) Time may vary depending on the pollution in the water.

8. The water is now ready to be used.

9. Rinse the mixing jar in water after use.


Do not pour A1 or BAS1 undiluted into water. Avoid any gas that may occur from the mixing container. The gas may be hazardous to your health! Unopened A1 or BAS1 bottle can be stored up to 2 years from the date of production. Keep out of reach of children!

Completely Destroys Biofilm Bacteria


Dissolves Limescale Build Ups that Damage Elements and Pipes!

here are a large number of owners of private Spas and pools who have received no or inadequate information on water quality and how to treat the water. There are many providers and many substances for water treatment and water purification. The product usually administered to the Spas and pools is chlorine, a substance that gives an undesirable odour and can induce asthmatic symptoms. Other products available on the market provide unfortunately no desired effect on the contaminants present and no effect on biofilms.

CleanWaterTech has together with trade expertise developed a water conservation package for Spas and smaller pools, A-100. At weekly usage of A-100 gives clear, clean and bacteria-free water without the use of chlorine. A-100 is highly effective in killing all the organic impurities and in dissolving the biofilm.

CleanWaterTech aims to replace chlorine and the use of chlorine use in Spas and pools. Through regular use of our Swedish Innovation A-100 you will obtain a water that will be free of organic contaminants and bacteria and have no odour and taste of chlorine or other chemical. This is a positive development for anyone who knows of the unwanted effects of chlorine and you might be prone to asthma and allergy problems.


Spa100 is a spa water treatment that works in a completely different way to traditional chlorine or bromine sanitation.

Spa100 removes the food source of the bacteria so that they cannot grow and multiply. This food source is called biofilm and is present on all the spa surfaces, jets and pipes. Spa100 also softens the spa water by breaking down and dissolving limescale build-up.

After the SPA100 has disinfected the water, the product itself has disappeared, making the spa water free of bacteria, without odors and taste. This also guarantees the water to be discharged safely into any sewer system. SPA100 is skin friendly (no chlorine!) and very easy to use. It comes in a carton box containing two 1 liter bottles and a mixing container. This is sufficient to disinfect a normal spa with one treatment every week during a 4 month period. It may also be used for disinfecting water in small swimming pools, hot tubs and soft tubs,  up to 2000 liters.

SPA100 is:

• very easy to use: just mix the two liquids and add to spa water. Check here

• yellow color signals disinfecting is in progress

• when color is gone, your spa water is 100% safe

• no smell, no taste

• environment-friendly; leaves no traces

• perfect for children and people with sensitive skin

• SPA100 – 100% effective!


Each pack of Spa100 lasts approx 4 - 6 months.

When purchasing Spa100, please note:


When using Spa100 it is extremely important to keep your filters clean. Spa100 places a lot of emphasis on the filters doing their job properly during the first week to 10 days of its introduction into your spa. You can help this process by cleaning the filters daily and drying them before re-introducing them into the spa. After the initial conditioning period you should clean the filters either weekly or once a fortnight, depending on how often you use your tub.

some spa owners purchase a second set of filters to rotate with the set that are being cleaned so that they dont miss out on their tub sessions

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