1. Materials

Imported USA Aristech Acrylic. Various colours in high gloss finish. Colour fast, wont fade or dull in sunlight. Stain resistant, high heat retention. Healthy and hygenic - easy to clean and repair.

2. Mould

Various moulds, durable and strong in various sizes according to model.

3. Fibreglass Reinforcement

around the acrylic giving the shell durability and ultra strength. Insulating foam applied for heat retention.

4. Stainless Steel Frame

for maximum strength, support and longevity.

5. Spa Finish and Jet Holes

Making the spa surface smooth and cutting spa massage Jet holes.

6. Installation

of water pump, circulation pump, spa Jet, BALBOA controls, heater etc.

7. Tested

All functions tested for 72 hrs.

8. Clean Down

Making inside and outside clean.

9. Standard packaging for all spas

1) Use film to cover surface

2) Make EPE wrap up spa

3)Use foam to protect frame

4) Use carton and wooden crate

10. Delivery

Hot Tubs shipped to Atlantic Spas!

Our hot tubs (not Myline Spas) are assembled by a leading hot tub manufacturer in their factories in China to the highest quality standards and using only top class materials. Made with steel frame construction and ABS base, all of our spas integrate American Aristech® Acrylic shells and USA Balboa control systems and heater. For your peace of mind, all our hot tubs are covered by comprehensive warranty packages.

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